Teaching Java EE

I’m scheduled for teaching Java EE at my current workplace and for that (and future assignments) I developed an awesome platform:


Basically, it is a Maven project with Arquillian setup. The POM file includes two profiles for executing the code on GlassFish and WildFly. This project makes “live coding” almost as easy as the static main method in Java SE environments. Write code, then just execute the file as you would with a regular JUnit test!

The project include packages and test files to demonstrate the possibilities with Arquillian. Currently, pure server-side tests and client-to-server tests running in two different JVM:s is demonstrated. Core Java EE technologies such as Servlet, EJB and JPA with a real database are also demonstrated within these test suites. I like to believe that all my comments provided within the files is sufficient for any Java EE student to get up and running.

If you haven’t a favorite GIT client already, I use and recommend SourceTree which has integrated support for GitHub and Bitbucket. I also use it for other repositories on Gitlab. It works great!

Feel free to contribute and let me know what you think =)

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